Koi Pond Design

Somis Koi is a Koi pond design/ builder. Our team of specialist builders and landscapers are experts in garden pond construction. Our pond construction team are not are craftsmen with decades of Koi pond construction experience.

Pond Design Services

Our design team works with you to create the ideal design for your koi pond or other water feature. We combine photographs of previous designs and suggestions to fit your yard and lifestyle; as well as ideas you want to incorporate to build a pond that is customized for your home.


Koi Ponds

Koi ponds are a specialist build, as they often require complex design complete with skimmers and built in bottom drains.We design inspiring Koi Ponds that not only promote health of the Koi fish but provide a place of peace and tranquility for you and your family. Our goal is to create an oasis just a few steps from your door!

In the design and maintenance of your Koi Pond, we include all of the elements that make for a successful pond including a skimmer, bottom drain, filters, ultraviolet light, and pumps. Investing in reliable pumps, quality filter system is always recommended. Ultra violet system for water clarity also help to ensure the overall health of the ecosystem. It is very important to check your budget before considering the installation of a Koi pond, Koi are quite easy to keep, once everything is set up properly.Garden pond design which includes drawings to meet your requirements


Pond Construction
Pond Restoration
Pond retro fitting existing ponds with newer technology
Supply and fit various products including liners, pumps and filter systems
Waterfalls and water features
Pond sealing with two part epoxy (available in various colors)
Treatment of fish
Fish transportation
Rental and set-up of holding tanks
Feeding of fish while you’re away on vacation
Planting and stocking